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HAPPY TALK had an exciting livestream show last night with the stellar Pat Glynn, MAsahiko Osaka, and Kimbal Brown joining us on the bandstand. From July, shows will be open to the public in reduced-capacity, social-distancing format. See you at the gig! Here are a few:

7/2 (Thu) KATZ & WULF Quartet @ Akasaka B Flat

7/4 (Sat) Duo Dynanique at Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan

7/8 (Wed) Mambo Inn at Keystone Club Tokyo (Roppongi)

7/10 (Fri) The Jazz Cure @ Keystone Club Tokyo

7/17 (Fri) The Mighty Four @ Akasaka B Flat

For details on shows: https://www.jkatz.net/shows

For the latest videos: Check https://www.youtube.com/c/TokyoBigBand

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